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Q1: Which type of monitoring device is suitable for me?

All of our monitoring devices are featured with full functions of monitoring a PV system. According to the type of device that will be connected, the most suitable product can be selected.

There are several communication modes that are available with our monitoring devices, e.g. GPRS, WiFi and Ethernet. The availability of internet can also help to decide which communication mode can best satisfy your requirements.

Q2: Which types of inverters can SolarMAN series support?

The SolarMAN series are compatible with most major brands of inverters in the market. In addition, our products can also be customized to satisfy clients’ needs. If any requests, please contact us for further information.

Q3: Can I connect the data logger to my weather station?

Sure, SolarMAN monitoring device can be connected to weather station definitely, and it can also be connected to combiner box, electric meter, sensors, etc. through RS485. All the collected data can be transmitted to our webserver, and customer can check it anytime and anywhere.

Q4: I do not have an internet connection; can I still use the SolarMAN monitoring device?

Definitely yes, you can. The GPRS kit can enable you to monitor your PV system without internet connection. In such case, all collected data will be transmitted to the web server via mobile network. The data are also kept for 25 years by the data logger.

Q5: I already have installed network on the site with PV systems, how do I connect SolarMAN monitoring device to the network?

The WiFi/Ethernet kit is most suitable for you. For Ethernet connection, simply connect the data logger to your internet router with a network cable through the Ethernet port. For WiFi kit, you need to connect your computer, tablet PC or smart phone to the data logger via WiFi and set the network of the device. Please refer to the Quick Guide for detailed procedures.

Q6: My PV plant is installed about 30 meters away from my router; can I receive data through SolarMAN device?

In such case, the WiFi/Ethernet Kit will be a good option for you, for the wireless signal of this device can cover a distance of 50 meters inside the house, and it can cover about 300 meters in wide open space without obstruction. If the wireless signal is too weak to support your device, a wireless repeater can help your for better signal.

Q7: I have several inverters in my plant, and they are from different companies, can I still string connect them with your device? If not, what should I do?

Yes, our data logger can string connect with several inverters of different brands. However, if some inverters cannot be string connected because of protocol conflict, you can connect it with a data logger separately and string connect the others together with our device.

Q8: Is it only possible to connect the inverter with data logger through RS485, or is there any other option?

Yes, our device can also be connected through other ports, such asRS232 and RS422. In addition, we can also customize our product to meet customers’ needs. If any request, please let us know.

Q9: I have connected my inverter and data logger successfully and powered them on, but only the POWER & RS485 LEDs are on, while the LEDs STATUS& LINK are still dark? Why is that? Have I connected them successfully?

If you have completed the connection between data logger and the inverter by following our Quick Guide, and the POWER and RS485 LEDs are on, congratulations, you have successfully connected the data logger to the inverter. While, in such case, the STATUS and LINK LEDs are still off, it means that you haven’t set the network of the data logger or the setting is not successful. Please continue to set the network of the data logger, and detailed procedures are available on our Quick Guide.

Q10: After completing the network setting of the device, the LINK LED is still off while the other three are all permanently on, why is that?

Please wait for 3 to 5 minutes after you completing the network setting. Till then, if the LINK LED is on, the network setting is successful. If the LINK LED is still off after 5 minutes, the connection with the web server is unsuccessful. In such case, please reset the device and the network again, and detailed procedures are available on our Quick Guide.

Q11: After successfully connected to the internet, there are 3 lights permanently on, while the RS485 LED flickers, and after a short time of lightening, it flickers again, why is that?

When the LED RS485 flickers, it means the device is transmitting data to the portal; while it is lightening, the data logger is under normal operation. Our device transmits data to the monitoring portal every 5 minute, and during that the LED will be in flickering. Please wait for a while patiently.

Q12: The network setting is successful, but I still cannot receive any data, why is that?

In this case, there may be three main reasons. First, the data logger transmits data to the portal every 5 minute, please wait for a while patiently; second, the device may not connect to our server successfully, please check your network setting and reset it if necessary; third, please check the weather condition, if it is cloudy or dark outside, the inverter may not work, and in such case, there won’t be any data on the website.

Q13: Why can’t I find any historical data of my inverter in history interface?

The portal can only show data that are collected after activation of user’s account. That is to say, data collected before registration cannot be seen on the portal; however, it is saved on the database of the device. Please register on the portal right after you completing the setting procedures of the device, so that full data can be obtained on the portal.

Data on the portal updates every 5 minutes, and the history data will be preserved and displayed on the ‘History” interface automatically. If there is no data shown on the portal after registration, please check the network status of the server.

Q14: How can I make sure that my device always works with the latest software version?

If new functional software is added or the original software is modified, the software of the device will be upgraded to the current version automatically. Please check the version number of the software shown at the bottom of the portal.

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