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Inverter WiFi/GPRS kit

By collecting information from inverters including status and performance, data loggers make the long-term monitoring of PV systems feasible and efficient. With the easiest and most cost-effective functions, SolarMAN Inverter Kit enables users to achieve great increase in ROI with only a little investment.

  • Compatible with most inverters on the market
  • A variety of communication methods available, including Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS and Zigbee
  • Can be connected to up to 64 inverters
  • Quick installation and easy operation with "Plug & Play" function
  • Additional accessories such as electric meter, irradiation sensor and temperature sensor, etc. can be connected
  • Storage of over 25 years
  • Remote monitoring via SolarMAN Portal
  • Web Server included, enabling offline access
S-G01 Datasheet PDF 1357KB
S-WE01S Datasheet PDF 1183KB
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