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SolarMAN Portal

SolarMAN Portal is a web-based platform for PV monitoring, enabling analysis and presentation of PV systems. Data collected from PV systems are transmitted to and analyzed by SolarMAN Portal, and then displayed in various formats that are easy to understand. Automatic alarms are available so that any malfunctions or abnormal conditions can be identified and reported immediately. Users can easily access SolarMAN Portal to monitor PV systems at anytime and from anywhere. This easy-to-use platform makes monitoring of PV systems simple and convenient, far reducing time and costs as well.

  • User-friendly and multilingual interface
  • Web-based remote management
  • Powerful Cloud platform enables easy monitoring and management of hundreds of thousands of systems simultaneously
  • Visualized real-time data and historical data for analysis and easy understanding
  • A variety of formats for better presentation
  • Automatic alarms as customized by users
  • Analyze the efficiency and performance of PV systems
  • Multi-level management for satisfying specific demands of end users, installers/integrators and device manufacturers
  • Data and event reports sent via email regularly as specified
  • Demonstration power stations for reference, system information available to share through the portal
  • Open API enables perfect integration into corporate or personal websites
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