Communication Manager

STX-500 —— Communication Manager

STX-500 is a gateway product of IoTs (Internet of Things). With its compact size, it can be easily installed. It supports 2 network ports, 4 serial ports, 1 CAN interface. It is equipped with 4G communication and strong EMC protection capability. It can be applied to the edge gateway and communication management of IoTs.


support 2 100M Ethernet ports;
support 4-way RS485 serial port;
support 1-way RS232 interface (Note: multiplexed with1-way RS485)
1-way CAN;
Input voltage range: DC 12V~ 24V;
EMC level: Level 4;

EMC Parameters

Suitable for 35mm DIN-Rail mount
Real-time alerts with timely notification, ensuring fast troubleshoot;

support 2 100M Ethernet ports support 4-way RS485 serial port support 1-way RS232 interface (Note: multiplexed with1-way RS485) 1-way CAN Input voltage range: DC 12V~ 24V EMC level: Level 4

Power Port Conducted DisturbancesClass A

Conducted Disturbances Immunity, Induced by Radio-frequency



Telecom Port Conducted  Disturbances

Radiation Disturbances (<1GHz)

Electrostatic Discharge Immunity

Contact: ±8KV

Air: ±15KV

Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity

30A/m (continuous)

300A/m (1~3s)

RF Electromagnetic Field Radiation Immunity10V/mPulse Magnetic Field Immunity300A/m
Surge (shock) Immunity

Surge waveform: 1.2/50us

Communication port:

Common mode: ±2KV

Differential mode: ±1KV

Power supply and input/output ports :

Common mode: ±4KV

Differential mode: ±2KV

Immunity to voltage sag, short interruptions and voltage variations500ms
Fast Transient Burst Immunity±4KV@5K/100KHz

Environmental Parameters

Workingtemperature-25~+55℃Shock (working)5g/11ms, half sine
Storage temperature-40~+70℃Shock (storage)15g/11ms, half sine
Relative humidity5%~95% (no condensing)Vibration (working)1.5mm@2~9Hz; 0.5g@10~500Hz
Altitude (working)2000m (6,560 ft)Vibration (storage)3.5mm@2~9Hz; 1g@10~500Hz
Altitude (storage)10000m (32,810 ft)————