Frequently Asked Questions about SOLARMAN

About Hardware Products

1. Check power supply first.
2. Power off the logger and reboot the logger, then check if indicator lights run normally.
3. If the problem still exists, please contact our customer service:customerservice@solarmanpv.com.

Data resuming function is supported.
System can store the data for 1-2 months, which is subject to the protocol.

Yes. For overseas customers, manual APN configuration is required when using own SIM card.

Data logger can conduct data transmission according to SOLARMAN communication protocol. If the data need to be transmitted to customer’s platform, it requires development support based on SOLARMAN SDK.

External GPRS data logger supports two-way 485. Each switch corresponds to 120Ω matching resistance of one-way 485 interface.

Please put the metal surface of network interface facing you.

1. Connect each inverter in series.
2. Connect a communication wire of the first/last inverter to data logger.
3. Set inverter COM address: 1.

The communication distance between data logger and router will vary according to the site environment. Usually, the distance can reach 200-300m in open area, without obstacles and interference. On the other hand, on referring to complex indoor environment, the number and material of bearing wall, as well as other interferences, it may affect the communication distance. So it is recommended to carry out an actual test in the actual scenario to select the appropriate installation location.

Please check if the password is correct.(Special characters are not recommended.)

1. Connect to module AP address again and log in to configuration page.
2. If remote server A is connected, it means the configuration is successful.