Module PV Optimizer

Module PV Optimizer


By controlling the output current and voltage of module, SOLARMAN module PV optimizer (MPO) can reduce the loss of power generation caused by current mismatch in the case of shadow shield, module decay, ash deposition, double-sided power generation and etc., which can be recovered by up to 25%. Paired with SOLARMAN gateway, it realizes data transmission via WiFi/LAN/4G and etc.. Furthermore, remote monitoring cloud platform (SOLARMAN Portal) provides a real-time monitoring of module power generation status.


Suitable for 35mm DIN-Rail mount
Real-time alerts with timely notification, ensuring fast troubleshoot;
Product ModelMPO 600MPO 1200
Input ParameterMax. Input Power600 W (1pc)1200 W (2pcs)
Operating Voltage Range7 ~ 70 V
MPPT Voltage Range7 ~ 70 V
Max. Input Current15 A | Upgradeable
Over-current Protection Value20 A
Over-temperature Protection Value150 ℃
Output ParameterMax. Output Current20 A
Output Voltage Limiting Threshold1500 V
Total Max. System Voltage24pcs @1000 V,36pcs @1500 V
Conversion EfficiencyPeak Conversion Efficiency0.995
Consumption@5 A0.9 W
Consumption@12 A2.9 W

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SOLARMAN Module PV Optimizer
MPO 600
SOLARMAN Module PV Optimizer
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